We manufacture all kinds of column designs for our customers.

Straight Columns, Fluted Columns, Tapered Columns, Tapered Fluted Column,
Timber Peg Columns, Thin Wall Columns
Square Columns, Pilasters Columns, Flat Columns with recess Panels
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Coral Stone-USA
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Cast Stone Columns
Coral Stone-USA will always create the look
and textures you want on your project.

The most popular now days is to create the
Old World Look of distressed stone.

Coral Stone -  Limestone - Travertine
Natural Coral Stone - Keystone
Coral Stone is the future of Architectural Cast Stone.  We assist architects, builders, and homeowners on how to deliver their cast
stone projects on time while featuring the beauty and custom look of our Architectural Cast Coral Stone.

Many architects are starting to specify Coral Stone and Cast Stone on their projects and some will accept no substitution.  If you want a
custom, hand-crafted natural Travertine, Coral, or Limestone look, then there is only one place to find the custom-made products you
need at the price you want to pay and delivered within your time frame:   

Coral Stone

We manufacture non-structural columns in halves to wrap around structural posts. This makes our columns lighter in weight and easier to
install. We use a 3/8" fiberglass structural re-bar inside all of our columns for added strength.

We provide the CAD drawing of each of our products to insure the design fits the application.

We provide a complete set of instructions on the assembly of our columns to insure a quality job is performed and in accordance to our
Below is some examples of our work
Coral Stone
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