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Light-Weight Faux Stone
Coral Stone-USA will always create the look
and textures you want on your project.

The most popular now days is to create the
Old World Look of distressed stone.

Coral Stone -  Limestone - Travertine
Natural Coral Stone - Keystone

This is a one of a kind product that has been developed only by Coral Stone. We use an EPS foam core that has a computer cut offset for the
exterior coating. Then we use our Old World Stone that is colored to matched to our cast stone.

The advantage of our faux stone is
light-weight and can be glued, mud set, then mechanically attached to the sub-straight surface.

The back of the stone  has a 1/2" to 1" (depending on the size of the molding )solid cast stone embedded with a fiberglass screened backed within
Old World Stone Coat. This gives our product great advantage over the competitor. Beware of others light weight systems that are only a
foam core glued to the wall.
( they have been falling off in time)

Our product can be  pre-drilled for fastening with screws though the face or the ends of the profile. The solid stone back feature puts us a step
above all others.

Additionally we apply a waterproofing sealant to the EPS core to ensure no water will get into the core during the molding process. This is very
important to the mix design and curing process of any concrete based material.
 Coral Stone has developed this system of a Faux Stone
to ensure the long term use of our product and to provide our customers with the very best in a light-weight Faux Stone products.  This  system
does creates a  bonding agent between the
Old World Stone Coat and the foam core.  Again this is what you don't see and gives you that extra
protection that
Coral Stone will do that others don't even think about.
Cast Faux Stone is a light weight system for stone moldins
Exterior faux stone Columns and Crown Molding
Faux Stone Rope Columns and Garage Trim
Interior Faux Stone ceiling beans and crown molding
Entertainment room with faux stone flat columns including matching crown and capitals
Coral Stone
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