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Masonry Veneer Installation System
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The LATICRETE Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS)

The increase in popularity of adhered masonry facades has left the industry absent of suitable
installation material and details specifications -
LATICRETE has the answer !
Our proven technology will provide a permanent, high strength installation that is freeze thaw stable and protect from
water intrusion.

For over 53 years
LATICRETE has continuously provided the latest technology in construction materials and methods
to deliver superior problem free installations for tile and stone installation. Utilizing these advanced technology, the

LATICRETE Masonry veneer Installation System (MVIS)
is designed to offer complete solutions for adhered
masonry veneers.

Installation of masonry veneer is typically performed with on-site mortar mixes that are subject to large variations in
quality and performance. Whether over concrete or masonry substrates, installation usually include metal lath and most
often provide inadequate protection from the weather resulting in water intrusion and also delamination of veneer.
Difficult to use and very time consuming to prepare these systems are not engineered as complete wall systems and
therefore do not offer warranties from reliable source that will stand behind the installation.

LATiCRETE MVIS System is also verified though independent testing to perform equally to code approved
conventional lath and plaster installation systems for adhered masonry veneers.
LATICRETE 25 Year System Warranty ** _ SPD
See Data Sheet 025.OSPD for complete warranty informations
LATICRETE 15 Year System Warranty *_ SPD For Steel or Wood   
Framing Exterior Facades
See Data Sheet 230.15SPD for complete warranty informations
The LATICRETE MVIS provided the solution by offering a
comprehensive quality controlled           installation system.
Utilizing proven materials,
include a revolutionary  
waterproofing membrane, polymer
fortified adhesive mortar
that provide non-sag performance
a   scratch and brown coat mortar a masonry pointing mortar
and 100% silicone sealant.